Zakarpattia Oblast

The Transcarpathian Oblast (Ukrainian Закарпатська область / Sakarpatska oblast, Russian Закарпатская область / Sakarpatskaja oblast ) is an administrative unit of the Ukraine in the far west of the country. It has 1.26 million inhabitants (2014). The oblast comprises the historic region of Carpathian Ukraine. Capital is Uzhhorod, another important city is Mukachevo. In the West Oblast borders with Slovakia and Hungary to the south of Romania. In the mountainous north borders on a piece of the Polish Eastern Carpathians ( Bieszczady ) that it then close the oblasts of Lviv and Ivano- Frankivsk on. By Oblast run the main transport links in mountain passes of the Carpathians of Ukraine to southern Europe. The densely populated Carpathian Ruthenia was long disputed between Czechoslovakia, to which it belonged between the First and Second World War, Hungary and Ukraine and the Soviet Union. The majority of the population of the Carpathian Ukraine consists of Ruthenians.

Administrative Divisions

The Transcarpathian Oblast is administratively divided into 13 Rajone, plus get 5 cities which are directly subordinate to the Oblastverwaltungs: Berehove, Chop, Chust, Mukachevo and the administrative center of the oblast, Uzhhorod.

Largest cities