Zator [' zatɔr ] (the planned in the Nazi era German name New city on the Watch was never made ​​official ) is a town with 3,700 inhabitants in Poland. It is located 15 km north of Wadowice on the Skawa and belongs to the powiat Oświęcimski, Lesser Poland Voivodeship to.

The city was politically temporarily to Upper Silesia and West Galicia temporarily. From 1445 to 1513 it was the residence city of the Duchy of Zator. The city and the area often changed hands. The town was founded by Magdeburg law during the German medieval Ostsiedlung ( Forest German ). She belonged to Bohemia, Poland and finally to Austria, where she remained until the end of the First World War. After the First World War, she was awarded by the Treaty of Saint- Germain Poland to the creation of Poland.