Ždánice Forest

The Ždánický Forest ( Czech Ždánický ) is a mountain range in South Moravia, Czech Republic. It forms the southwestern part of the Central Moravian Carpathians.


The Steinitzer forest rises between Bučovice, Koryčany, Ždánice and Hustopeče. It has an area of 470 km ² and a mean height of 270.7 m The highest point is the U Slepice ( 438 m). Other significant peaks are Písečná ( 374 m), Nové Mountains (414 m ), Na Hradisku ( 399 m), Radlovec (425 m), Prostřední vrch (416 m) and Přední kout (410 m)

To the north, the valley of the Litava forms ( Leitha ) natural border with the Litenčická pahorkatina. To the east separates the valley of the Kyjovka Ždánický Forest Mountains of Mars. To the southeast, the hill country Kyjovská pahorkatina joins; south lies the Dolnomoravský úval. To the west of the ridge drops to Thaya Schwarza valley floor. Subunits form the Boleradická Highlands, Highlands and Dambořická Hustopečská pahorkatina.

In Ždánický Forest are, inter alia, to Nature Reserve U vrby and the nature monument Baračka.

Since 1968, an area of 68 km ² is protected as a nature park Ždánický.