Ze Rong

Ze Rong (Chinese笮 融, IPA (high chinese ) [ [ d̥z̥ɤ35 ʐʊŋ35 ] ], * 161, † 197) was a general of the late Han Dynasty on the eve of the Three Kingdoms period in Imperial China.

He came from the province of Danyang and served under Governor Tao Qian as general. He was charged with monitoring the grain transportation in Guangling and Pengcheng, but he embezzled the grain and had built a large Buddhist temple with the money. Tao Qian but not had him arrested, and Ze Rong was a deserter, when Cao Cao attacked 193.

In his flight to Guangling he took 10,000 people and 3,000 horses with them. Zhao Yu, the Grand Administrator of Guang Ling, took him on as a guest, but Ze Rong poisoned his host soon.

When Liu Yao was going against the warlord Sun Ce, Ze Rong joined the alliance of the Prince of Wu. Together with Xue Li, he camped near Moling (now Nanjing, Jiangsu). When Sun Ce had beaten her and forced to retreat, Ze Rong managed to avoid a complete defeat by the city Niuzhu attack in his escape and Sun Ce forced to divide his troops. He then tried unsuccessfully to wear down Sun Ce.

After losing a few other cities, Liu Yao and Ze Rong gave up her position and moved to Yuzhang. Along the way, killed Ze Rong Xue Li his allies when they arrived in Yuzhang, Ze Rong killed the United manager Zhu Hao, trying to keep Liu Yao out of town. Liu Yao initially attacked him without success, but his second onslaught sales Ze Rong, who fled to the mountains. There he was captured and executed by the local tribes.