Zealandia Bank

Bathymetric map of Zealandia Bank with a view to the northeast

The Zealandia Bank (formerly Farallon de Torres or Piedras de Torres ), ( chamorro: Papaungan ) consists of two towering just above the sea cliffs and a submarine volcano. The bank is part of the territory of the Northern Mariana Islands. The two rocks are about 1.5 km apart and are located between the islands Sarigan and Guguan. Due to their small size, Zealandia Bank is not listed on most maps. Is named the island after the English Bark Zeelandia, which she discovered in 1858.

The volcano has two peaks, only one of which breaks through the water surface. In 1956 it was reported by two rocks half a mile distance. However, there are signs that the Zealandia Bank increases again: Since 1971, a rise of the island is measured, and in a survey by the NOAA 2004 fumaroles were discovered that indicate active volcanic activity.