( Listen? / I ) Zeewolde is a municipality in the southern part of the Dutch province of Flevoland with 21,264 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2013 ) and an area of 269 km ². Zeewolde is strongly influenced by agriculture on the fertile polder soil and since 1984 an independent municipality. It is thus one of the youngest towns in the Netherlands.

In the near Zeewolde the medium wave transmitter Flevo and the short- wave transmitter Flevo lie.

When you place Harderhaven the Dutch Scouts have a place to camp.

Since 1999 located in Zeewolde, the manufacturing facility of the company Spyker.


Zeewolde should arise originally east of Lelystad on the polder Eastern Flevoland. For the villages planned for that identified a commission set up historical place names from this area. So there are two names of no longer existing locations in a document of 793 AD " in silva que dicitur Seawald immersive Swifterbant ", from which we derived the names Swifterbant and Zeewolde. Since Zeewolde, was unlike Swifterbant, never built on the first polder, you used the name for the second place on Südflevoland.