Zeitgeist (The Smashing Pumpkins album)


Zeitgeist is the seventh album by the Smashing Pumpkins, the first after reunification. It was recorded solely by Jimmy Chamberlin on drums and Billy Corgan ( everything else ). For the first time Jimmy Chamberlin occurs next to Billy Corgan on as a producer.


After Billy Corgan had expressed his desire for a renewal of the Smashing Pumpkins in the Chigaco Tribune on 21 June 2005, settled soon by Jimmy Chamberlin hear that he would participate. Of the other Pumpkin - members for a long time no one spoke publicly on the subject. In fact, it was also in this two-man cast for the new album by The Smashing Pumpkins. On 20 April 2006 the band announced that the shooting had begun on the new album on the official website. As a producer Roy Thomas Baker was announced a little later.


Various versions of the album were released, which is reflected in particular in the color of the Covers (New York Statue of Liberty, which sinks into the water ). There is also a version with a 76- page book, as well as various editions with " exclusive " bonus track. Thus, a version of the album, which also Death From Above in addition to the 12 standard tracks as another title appears for example when online retailers Amazon.de. In the U.S., a reissue version with bonus DVD which has been published in the Best Buy.


In particular, the publication policy with the many covers and the exclusive material made ​​for some upsets. The album itself was rated very differently, so All Music forgave example, only 2 out of 5 stars, which Rolling Stone Magazine and the editor of laut.de other hand gave 4 out of 5. In the charts, the album achieved a high cost, but it sank rather quickly.


  • Jimmy Chamberlin - drums
  • Billy Corgan - everything else, inter alia, Vocal / Guitar

Track list

Album tracks

Bonus tracks:

  • Death from Above - 4:06
  • Zeitgeist - 2:45
  • Stellar - 6:22
  • Ma Belle - 4:08

( Each was a song on the respective editions as a bonus track included)


As singles were Tarantula, coupled Doomsday Clock ( via download only ) and That's the Way ( My Love Is). Doomsday Clock also appears on the soundtrack to the movie Transformers by Michael Bay.

Chart positions

2007 Zeitgeist German Album Charts 7 2007 Zeitgeist UK Album Charts 4 2007 Zeitgeist Irish Album Charts 5 2007 Zeitgeist Switzerland album charts 5 2007 Zeitgeist Italy album chart 5 2007 Zeitgeist The Billboard 200 2 2007 Zeitgeist Top Canadian Album 1 2007 Zeitgeist Top Internet Albums 2 Hot Canadian Digital Singles 2007 Tarantula 44 2007 Tarantula Hot Digital Songs 44 2007 Tarantula Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks 6 2007 Tarantula Hot Modern Rock Tracks 2 2007 Tarantula Pop 100 50 Tarantula 2007 The Billboard Hot 100 54 2007 That's The Way ( My Love Is) Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks 32 2007 That's The Way ( My Love Is) Hot Modern Rock Tracks 23 Web Links

  • Criticism at laut.de
  • Criticism at Allmusic.com

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