Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is a component- oriented framework for PHP 5 classes and packages can be used independently and in combination with the solutions of other manufacturers are used. Manufacturer is the company Zend Technologies. The functionality is implemented fully object-oriented. Version 2.0 has been re-developed in large parts and uses more flexible paradigms, such as Dependency Injection. Due to these adjustments presupposes the framework at least PHP 5.3. The current previous version 1.12.3 Zend Framework 1 requires at least PHP 5.2.11 advance. Version 1.12.0 was the last version of Zend Framework 1, which received new components. By 2014, Version 1 will continue to receive security patches.

Excerpt from the list of components

  • Authentication, User Management
  • Database access
  • E -mail delivery
  • Location: translation, currencies, time / date formats
  • MVC system
  • PDF Creation
  • Search functions: indexing, caching
  • Web technologies: URIs, Web Services (XML -RPC), Google services

Project management


The Zend Framework is used inter alia in:

  • Content Management System WebEdition
  • Shop software shopware
  • Shop software Magento
  • Piwik Web Analytics

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