Zenobia (film)

Zenobia, the fair Elephant is an American comedy film from 1939 by Gordon Douglas. The main roles were played by Oliver Hardy and Harry Langdon. The screenplay of the film is based on the short story Zenobia 's Infidelity ( dt: Zenobia's infidelity ) of HC Brunner.


The rich widow Mrs. Carter lives with her son Jeff in a small town on the Mississippi. When her son announced that he wanted Mary, Tibbett, the daughter of a poor country doctor marry, she puts an objection. Dr. Tibbett, who believes in the equality of all people, cherishes little sympathy for the snobbish hypochondriac and assessed widow.

The physician is asked by the circus operator Professor McCrackle for help. The elephant lady Zenobia is ill. Dr. Tibbett can cure the animal, which now wants to follow in gratitude at every turn him. Mrs. Carter sees an opportunity, the doctor exposing and causes McCrackle to sue the doctor. The plan fails, however, as Jeff holds up their selfishness at the trial of his mother. Mrs. Carter finally agrees to the marriage of her son with Mary. Zenobia returns to the circus and brings a baby elephant to the world.


The lexicon of the International film described the film as " fun entertainment for the whole family with thoughtful nuances. "

The Variety describes the film as taut comedy in which Hardy get along with a minimum of slapstick antics and stunts.


The film premiered on 21 April 1939 in the United States. In Germany he appeared June 11, 1967 in a television premiere of the station ZDF.

He was first conceived as a film for the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. However, Stan Laurel came into conflict with the studio boss Hal Roach and left the studio for two years. Well Roach Hardy and Langdon wanted to establish itself as a comedy duo. However, Hardy and Laurel returned soon after as a duo back on the canvas back.

Since the merger as a duo was, with some exceptions in cameo appearances, this is the first of two films that turned Oliver Hardy without his partner Stan Laurel. Ten years later, Hardy was on the side of John Wayne in the Western adventure at the last second (OT: The Fighting Kentuckian ) to see as a trapper Willie Payne.