Zero Kilometre Stone (Budapest)

The 0 - km - stone is a 1971 designed by Miklós Borsos sculpture in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

It is located on the Clark Ádám tér at the Buda bridgehead of the Chain Bridge, and stands as a symbol for the Hungarian distance measurement, which takes as a starting point for all main highways Hungarian Budapest, with the exception of 8, which begins in Székesfehérvár. Originally it was the symbolic zero - point in the Buda Castle. The construction of the Chain Bridge, he was moved to its present place.

The 0 - km - stone has a height of 3 meters and is made of limestone. Was designed by Miklós Borsos the sculpture in the form of a stylized zero, on the square base and the initials KM are elaborated ( for miles ).

Already in 1932 stood at this place a plastic on the subject, which was destroyed in the Second World War. It was decided in 1953 to set up a new sculpture that depicted a worker. This was eventually replaced in 1971 by the current plastic.

Also in other cities (eg in Kecskemét on Kossuth tér ) own 0 - km - stones were erected.

47.49805555555619.04Koordinaten: 47 ° 29 ' 53 "N, 19 ° 2' 24" E

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