Zeta Geminorum

Mekbuda ( from Arabic الذراع المقبوضة, DMG ad Dira ʿ al - maqbūḍa, retracted arm ' ) is the name of the star ζ ( zeta) Geminorum in the constellation Gemini.

Mekbuda is a variable star Delta Cephei type, whose apparent magnitude varies with a period of 10.152083 days between 3.61 m and 4.15 m. Also, its spectral type is typical for Cepheid variable and lies between F7Ib and G3Ib.

Mekbuda has a 7.6 likes bright companion of spectral type G1 in an angular distance of 101 " at a position angle of 346 degrees, which can be seen in the prism binoculars. Mekbuda is about 1170 light years away.

Mekbuda can ( very rare! ) As ekliptiknaher star from the moon and planets are covered.

Coordinates for the equinox 2000:

  • Right Ascension: 7h 4m 6.5s
  • Declination: 20 ° 34 ' 13 "
  • Individual fourth star size
  • Binary star
  • Variable star
  • Gemini ( constellation )