Zha cai

Tsa Tsai (Brassica juncea subsp. Tsatsai) with swollen

Tsa Tsai (Brassica juncea subsp tsatsai Mao, Syn. Brassica juncea var tumida Tsen & Shlee ) (Chinese榨菜, Pinyin Zhacai, W.-G. CHA4 ts'ai4 ) is a cultivated subspecies in China, the Brown mustard ( Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. ).


It is an annual herbaceous plant cultivated. The young plants of this subspecies are distinguished from other varieties of the species only by a somewhat finer structure and less hair. Typical of this variety are the type thickening shoot axis and the chunky stems below the flower buds. It is formed a slender taproot. The leaf blade has a length of 40 to 80 cm, the margin is almost entire, wavy or serrated unclear. The flowering period is from April to June, the fruits mature from June to July.


Tsa Tsai to German about " pressed vegetable" ( in Chinese restaurants also " Sezuangemüse " called ) is made from the swollen shoot, the lower parts of the stems as well as the approaches of the flower buds with parts of the stems and the leaves. These are harvested in late winter, when set, vegetative growth, and even before the shoot begins to shoot. After harvesting, the plant parts are washed, halved or quartered, designed on mats to dry and if they are slightly wilted loaded with salt, cayenne and Szechuan pepper in urn-shaped earthenware pots, so that pressure is applied to them.

Is cultivated Brassica juncea var tsatsai especially at the Yangtze River, where a very mild climate prevails. Center of production of Tsa Tsai is the city of Fuling in Sichuan. Most offered worldwide Tsa Tsai- products come from this city.

Salted Tsa Tsai has a mustard-yellow to greenish - brown color, a meaty, chewy consistency and an intense, salty and distinctive flavor. It is a traditional part usually simple dishes, which are served as a meat substitute and winter source of vitamins, and is enjoyed on their own in small quantities at the end of meals, because it stimulates saliva flow and thus cleans the mouth and stimulates digestion.


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