Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov

Saksylik Uschkempirow ( born May 6, 1951 in Tegistik, Zhambyl, Kazakhstan) is a former Soviet wrestler Kazakh descent. He was in Moscow in 1980 Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the paper weight.


Saksylik Uschkempirow from Kazakhstan managed until the age of about 25 years, the leap into the Soviet world-class wrestler in the Greco- Roman style. He wrestled with a size of 1.56 meters in the paper weight that then had its weight limit at 48 kg body weight. In the Soviet Union dominated in the 1970s Vladimir Zubkov and Alexei Shumakov the paper weight.

In the international Ringer scene he made the first time in 1977, attracted attention when it was used by the Soviet Wrestling Federation in the Grand Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany in Aschaffenburg and there behind Constantin Alexandru from Romania, but before Wieslaw Kucinski from Poland and Jürgen Kleer from the FRG to took 2nd place.

The next known results of Saksylik Uschkempirow are a 2nd place in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1978 behind Vassily Anikin, before Anatoly Basin and a 3rd place in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1979 after Rusanov, but before Alexei Shumakov. When Spartakiade the USSR in 1979, he took 2nd place behind Alexei Shumakov and before Viktor Savchuk Vladimir Nezwetajew and Vasily Anikin. All competitions were held in paper weight.

The great year of Saksylik Uschkempirow was 1980. At the European Championships in Prievidza he came in the paper weight with wins over Uwe Baumann, DDR, Totio Andonow, Bulgaria, Ferenc Seres, Hungary and Kent Andersson, Sweden in the final, in which he said Poland Roman Kierpacz defeated on points and thus European vice- champion. He was then employed at the Olympic Games the same year in Moscow. There, he defeated World Champion and European Champion Alexandru Constantin Roman Kierpacz in hard fighting each just on points and also won over Ferenc Seres and Pavel Hristov, Bulgaria, with which he was unbeaten Olympic champion. He was the first Kazakh, who was Olympic champion in wrestling.

In 1981 he started at the World Championships in Oslo. He defeated there Vincenzo Maenza from Italy who his successor should be as Olympic champion in paper weight 1984 Totio Andonow from Bulgaria, against whom he gossamer 9-8 techn. Points won, Leszek Majkowski from Poland and Salih Bora from Turkey and so was also world champion.

Then it was used only in some international tournaments. The last known incident of him was the 2nd place at Klippan tournament in 1983 behind Bratan Zenow from Bulgaria, before Kent Andersson and Freddy Scherer from Germany. In the Soviet Union he was replaced at the championships of Vasily Anikin, Timor Taimuraz Kasaraschwili and Magyatdin Allachwerdijew.

International success

Note: all contests in Greco -Roman style, OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, paper weight, then to 48 kg Flyweight, 52 kg body weight


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