Zhang Linli

Zhang Linli (Chinese张 林丽/张 林丽, Pinyin Zhang linli; born March 6, 1973) is a former Chinese long-distance runner.

In 1992 she became junior world champion over 3,000 m.

The following year she was third. Among the Chinese Championships in the marathon and won silver over 3000 m at the East Asian Games Over this distance she was at the World Championships in Stuttgart as the runner-up part of a purely Chinese podium: Gold went to Qu Yunxia, Zhang Lirong Bronze at. Another silver medal in the 3000 m followed at the Athletics Asian Championships.

In the Chinese National Games she put shortly thereafter in advance with 8:22,06 min a world record, which was undercut by almost ten seconds in the second heat of Wang Junxia ( 8:12,19 m). In the final, then took Zhang 8:16,50 min in third place behind Wang and Qu Yunxia Junxia, the minutes 8:06,11 8:12,18 minutes or hours ran on to this day no other athlete only is nearly approached.

At the IAAF World Cup Marathon in 1993, which took place in the context of the San Sebastian Marathon, occupied again all Chinese women 's podium places: The winner Wang Junxia before Zhang and Zhang Lirong Linli.

1994 won Zhang Linli at the Asian Games gold over 3000m and finished fourth at the Beijing Marathon, but scored significantly slower times ( 8:52,97 min and 2:32:15 h) than in the previous year. At the end of the year fell apart, headed by the controversial coach Ma Junren training group, which included Zhang and other Chinese top runners. Ma was accused of having embezzled prize money and abused the athletes physically. These allegations were corroborated in a book by the journalist Zhao Yu 1997. In 2000, another shadow fell on the benefits of " mass army ", as he oversaw six athletes because of the use of erythropoietin (EPO) from the squad for the Olympic Games in Sydney were removed.

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