Zhang Miao

Zhang Miǎo (Chinese张 邈, * 155, † 195 ) was a minister of the Chinese Han Dynasty, who served as the prefect of the city Chenliu. After the seizure of power by General Dong Zhuo in capital Luoyang, Zhang Miao joined a coalition led by Yuan Shao, which Dong Zhuo should fall, and stood armed forces.

After the dissolution of the alliance he was allied with the warlord Cao Cao and served him together with the General Chen Gong. When Cao Cao was, however, in the year 194 on a campaign against the governor Tao Qian, Zhang Miao and Chen Gong and conquered collected via the warlord Lü Bu the Yanzhou region. The two were defeated by Cao Cao and Zhang Miao was killed in the fighting.

  • Military person (China)
  • The Three Kingdoms period
  • Born 155
  • Died 195
  • Man