Crowd Kent ( Kazakh Жаркент ), until 1991 Panfilov ( Панфилов ), until 1942 Dscharkent ( Джаркент ), is a city in the oblast Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is the administrative center of the district Panfilov. The city is located in Usektal, near the border with China.

In 1998, Kent crowd had about 34 100 inhabitants. The population consists mainly of Kazakh and Uyghur, and there are smaller minorities of Russians and Dungan. Nationally known is the band Kenter mosque.

The city was founded in 1882 as Dscharkent. From 1942 to 1991 it was called Panfilov, according to the Russian military of World War II Ivan Panfilov, the 1941 is dead.