Schdaniwka (Ukrainian Жданівка; Russian Ждановка / Zhdanovka ) is a small town in eastern Ukraine with a population of 13,229 (December 2012).


The city lies on the southern slopes of the watershed of the Donets Basin in the Donetsk oblast 37 km northeast of Oblastzentrum Donetsk and 30 km southeast of Horlivka. The urban area covers only 2 square kilometers, of which 72 % are overbuilt. To the municipality still counts the village Molodyj Shakhtar (Ukrainian Молодий Шахтар ) with about 100 residents.

The climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in January, the coldest month -7.2 ° C and in the warmest month, July, 22 ° C. During the year, 500 mm of precipitation falls.


Founded as the present city due to the development of the coal industry in the region as a settlement name Novo- Schdaniwka (Ukrainian Ново - Жданівка ) in 1926. Got its name the village in 1959 and the status of a city was Schdaniwka awarded in 1966. Since 1992, the city is a city of regional significance.


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