Zhidoi County

Zhidoi ( Tib: ' bri stod, Dritö治 多 县; pinyin: zhiduo Xiàn ) is a county of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the southern Chinese province of Qinghai. It has an area of 66,667 square kilometers and counts 24,194 inhabitants. Its main town is Gyaijêpozhanggê ( rje rgyal pho brang sked / Jiājíbóluògé加吉博洛格 镇zhen ).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle of a large village and five municipalities is composed. These are (Pinyin / chin. )

  • Greater community Jiajiboluoge加吉博洛格 镇
  • Community Duocai多 采 乡
  • Community Lixin立 新乡
  • Community Suojia索加 乡
  • Community Zhahe扎 河乡
  • Community Zhiqu治 曲 乡