Shigansk (Russian Жиганск; Yakut Эдьигээн, Edjigeen ) is a village ( selo ) in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in Russia with 3420 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The village is located about 600 km as the crow northwest of the capital city of Yakutsk in the Republic Mitteljakutischen valley on the left bank of the Lena at the confluence of the Nuora (also Strekalowka ).

Shigansk is the administrative center of the raion Schiganski. The village is the seat and only town in the rural community ( selskoje posselenije ) Schiganski Nasleg.


The town was founded in 1632 by Cossacks under Pyotr Beketov as Ostrog, a little later in the same year as the Ostrog, which spawned the present Yakut capital Yakutsk. 1783 Shigansk administrative seat of a Ujesds the Yakutsk Oblast existing until 1920, and thus became a city. Already in 1805 the Ujesd was dissolved again and Shigansk lost its administrative function, but remained the northernmost town on the Lena until it was downgraded in 1917 to the village.

1930 Shigansk was again the center of a named after him Rajons, which was classified by Evenki as Ewenkischer Nationalrajon due to the vast population. Later this status was abolished, but restored in 2008 (2002 presented Evenki good 47 %, Yakuts, nearly 34 % of the population ).


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Shigansk is not connected to the fixed line network. In the ice-free period is boat service on the Lena; in winter the village on a ice road on the river can be reached. North of the village there is a small airport ( ICAO code UEVV ).