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Zhuang ( Selbstbez. Vahcuengh until 1982 Vaƅcueŋƅ, Sawndip话 壮, Chinese壮语, Pinyin Zhuàngyǔ ) is a language that is spoken by the people of the Zhuang in the People's Republic of China. Most speakers live in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in the Zhuang is the official language. Through the dissemination of assimilation that language drops.


In the implementation provisions of Guangxi Language Law of the People's Republic of China states:

Zhuang is rarely used in education and in the Government as a written language de facto. In a report, it says:


Zhuang is a tonal language with six different intonation curves in open syllables:


Zhuang has been written since the sixth century with Chinese characters. For native words were formed from the existing character new characters thus formed are called Sawndip. 1957 phonetic script based on the Latin alphabet was introduced with some special characters. This was in 1986 then reformed, and now no more special characters are used.

This new script was however not accepted by a large majority of speakers. Their distribution is more or less failed. There are efforts to revive the old script again, but this would require a recording of all Zhuang ideographs in Unicode. So far, only those ideograms were recorded, which also appear in place names and therefore also in the Chinese literature. The totality of all Zhuang ideograms encoded in special fonts.

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