Zhytomyr Oblast

The Zhytomyr Oblast (Ukrainian Житомирська область / Schytomyrska oblast, Russian Житомирская область / Schitomirskaja oblast ) is an administrative unit in northern Ukraine. It has 1.26 million inhabitants (2014).

The oblast comprises part of the historic landscape Volhynia. In the east the Oblast borders the Greater Kiev, on the north by Belarus with the Homelskaja Woblasz and their Rajonen Rajon Leltschyzy, Jelsk and Naroulja. To the west of the Oblast Rivne and Khmelnytsky oblasts lie in the south and in the east the Vinnytsia Oblast Kiev. It is seen from the size of their surface produces the fifth largest oblast of Ukraine.

By Oblast run the main traffic route from Ukraine to Belarus, Poland and Germany, as well as the flow Slutsch. The population is 56% in urban areas and consists of 90.3% of Ukrainians.

The following license plates are common in the oblast: BA, BB.


The largest rivers are the Slutsch ( Ukr Случ ), the Usch ( Ukr Уж ), the Teteriw and Ubort.

The Slutsch with a length of 451 km flows through two other oblasts and then flows into the Horyn. The Usch and Teteriw both lead just before Kiev in the Dnipro.

Largest cities

Capital is Zhytomyr, other important cities are Nowohrad - Wolynskyj and Korosten.

Administrative subdivision

The Zhytomyr Oblast is administratively divided into 23 Rajone and 5 directly below the Oblastverwaltung cities. These are the cities Berdychiv, Korosten, Malyn, Nowohrad - Wolynskyj as well as the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Zhytomyr.

Rajone Oblast Zhytomyr with their administrative centers