Zierenberg is a small town in the district of Kassel in northern Hesse. The town is a nationally recognized resort.

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Grace Berg is located in hawk forests Bergland the nature park Hawk Forest. In this mountain country, the urban core is at about 242 ( at the lower mill) to 345 m above sea level. NN ( on the slope of the Great Schreckenbergs ) in Grace Berger reason, the carrying out of the warm section of the valley between the High Dörnberg ( 578.7 m above sea level. NN ) in the southeast and Big Bear Mountain ( 600.7 m above sea level. NN ) in the southwest. Northwest closes, also as part of the hill country, the times Wald.

Neighboring communities

Zierenberg borders in the north on the community Breuna, on the east by the municipalities Calden, Ahnatal and Hawk Forest, as well as in the southwest and west by the city of Wolf Hagen (all in the district of Kassel). A few kilometers south-southwest of the urban core is a comma- a spur of the community forest hawk from the main part of the Grace Berger area city enclave with the districts Burghasungen and Oelshausen. This area is in the northeast and east by the municipality Hawk Forest, in the south of the municipality Look castle and to the west and northwest of the city surrounded by Wolf Hagen (all in the district of Kassel).


For the city include: the core city Zierenberg the neighborhoods Burghasungen, Ash Mountain, Hohenborn, Laar, Oberelsungen and Oelshausen. In addition, include the hamlet Friedrichsaue and Friedrichstein to Zierenberg.

Population figures on November 15, 2011:


Zierenberg was founded in the late 13th century and served the Hessian Landgrave Henry I to secure its domination in the upper Warmetal. 1293 started the construction of the church; 1298 was awarded Zierenberg city rights. Built by Henry Brant in 1450 Town Hall is the oldest Gothic half-timbered town hall in Hesse. The Escheberg castle is inhabited by the family von der Malsburg since its construction in 1530. Zierenberg was the administrative seat of the landgräflich - Hessian Office Zierenberg and during the time of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia (1807-1813) of the Canton Zierenberg.


On 1 December 1970, the until then independent municipality Laar was incorporated. On December 31, 1970 Escheberg and Hohenborn the city Zierenberg joined. Burghasungen, Oberelsungen and Oelshausen followed on 1 February 1971.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


  • The Mayor Jürgen puddle (independent) was re-elected in the runoff election on 10 October 2002 with a vote share of 58.6 % for the third time.
  • On September 14, 2008, Stefan was because (SPD), elected with 50.9 % in the first ballot. He solved Jürgen puddle from 1 January 2009.

Mayor with tenure:

Municipal authorities

The elected by the city council on May 2, 2011 for the legislative period 2011-2016 magistrate shall be as follows: Mayor Stefan Because (SPD ), Deputy Chief Executive Gerd Appel ( SPD), city councils goods fat (SPD ), Stefan Borger (SPD ) Richard Leck ( SPD ), Klaus Peter (FDP ), Rolf Balgheim (CDU ), Heinrich Gerhardt (CDU ), Jürgen Behr ( UFW ) and Ulrich Vreemann ( UFW ).


The city Zierenberg maintains partnership relations with

  • Damvillers near Verdun in France,
  • Gattatico in the Po Valley between Reggio Emilia and Parma in Italy and
  • Ichterhausen in Thuringia.


The attractions of Zierenberg include:

  • Postal Blumenstein at High Dörnberg
  • Castle ruins Falkenberg Falkenberg on the
  • Castle ruins Gudenberg on the Great Gudenberg
  • Ruined castle on the small Gudenberg Gudenberg
  • Castle ruins Malsburg on the Mountain Again
  • Castle ruins Schartenberg ( with former Gropp Esch loss) on the Schartenberg
  • Big Bear Mountain about southeast of Zierenberg
  • High Dörnberg about southwest of Zierenberg
  • Monastery Hasungen the Burghasungen district
  • City Hall in Zierenberg, built in 1450, oldest Gothic half-timbered town hall in Hesse
  • Castle Mountain Ash in Ash Mountain Location
  • Estate and castle in Laar Laar district
  • Schreckenberg Tower on the Great Schreckenberg


  • Holy Heimerad († 1019 on the Burghasunger mountain ), priests and itinerant preacher
  • Ernst Friedrich Georg Otto von der Malsburg (1786-1824), writer, poet and minister died at Castle Mountain Ash
  • Hans von der Malsburg- Escheberg (1831-1908), Vice- Marshal of the althessischen knighthood, member of the provincial parliament and the Prussian House of Lords


Zierenberg lies on the railway line Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar with the respective near Grace Berger tunnel and the Grace Berger viaduct. The railway is a member of the North Hessian RegioTram Kassel, which runs between Wolf Hagen and Kassel since 10 December 2006 and has approximately one-hour cycle times. Furthermore, passing through the Grace Berger district, the Federal Highway 44 (Dortmund -Kassel), which can be reached via the junction Zierenberg on the main road when 251 Burghasungen district.