Ziggo NV is the Netherlands' largest cable operator. It was created in May 2008 through the merger of multi-cable, @ Home Network and Casema; its headquarters, the company in Utrecht. Ziggo supplies around 3 million households ( 2.2 million cable television, 1.7 million with digital broadband Internet connection and 1.3 million with a telephone ). Sales of Ziggo in 2011 was 1487.2 million euros, the profit was 14.5 million euros. In 2010, approximately 2,200 people were employed.


The Aktiengesellschaft ( ISIN: NL0006294290 ) is listed on the NYSE Euro Next since March 2012. She is currently listed in the AMX index. The largest share holders of the parent holding company Zesko were to 2013 affiliates of Cinven and Warburg Pincus. On April 26, 2013, the major shareholders placed their remaining shares, the company is now majority in free float. Was CEO until the end of 2013 Bernard Dijkhuizen. In early January 2014, took over the former CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG Rene Obermann, this position.

The media group Liberty Global was 2013 from a takeover bid for Ziggo, which was initially rejected as too low. In January 2014, however, the acquisition Ziggos by Liberty Global was probably, after which the operating only since the beginning of 2014 CEO René Obermann end of January 2014 announced to the case of a successful takeover left the company.


Ziggo is the namesake of the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.