Zipaquirá on the map of Cundinamarca

Zipaquirá is a municipality in the department of Cundinamarca, Colombia. It is located 48 km from the Colombian capital of Bogotá, was established in 1600. Zipaquirá has 101 551 inhabitants (as of 2005).


Zipaquirá has a beautiful colonial city with many buildings from the 18th century. The city is a popular destination for residents of the metropolitan area of Bogotá.

Salt Cathedral

In Zipaquirá is called the Salt Cathedral, a fully -built church salt in a salt mine. The first Salt Cathedral was opened in 1954 but closed in 1992 because of the danger of collapse for visitors. Since 1995, the new Salt Cathedral is accessible to the public. The underground salt cathedral is one of the largest religious buildings in the world: it is a three-nave, 120 feet long and arching over 8,500 square meters their blown-up in the salty rock domes.

Inside the cave church is all carved from salt crystal: numerous monumental crosses, petite angels and some Madonna statues - everything from salt. In addition to the main cathedral there are small chapels and a Way of the Cross ( Via Crucis ), the 14 stations are connected by a number of labyrinthine tunnels.

You can reach the Cathedral next to the bus and coach transport at the weekend with the " Tren de la Sabana ". The driven by an old steam locomotive train connecting the capital and Zipaquirá through the plateau Sabana de Bogotá. It is operated by the company " Empresa Colombiana de Vías Ferreas " ( Ferrovías ).