Zla Kolata


The Zla Kolata (Cyrillic Зла Колата; Albanian Kollata e keqe ) is a 2534 m. i J. High summit in Prokletija on the Albanian- Montenegrin border. It is the highest peak in Montenegro. The Zla Kolata is a secondary summit in Kollata Mountain Stock, whose highest peak Maja e Kollatës ( 2552 m above A.; Montenegrin: . Ravna Kolata ) about a kilometer southeast lies entirely in Albania.

The Kollata is located less than ten kilometers northeast of the Jezerca and not quite twenty kilometers west of the Đeravica, the two highest mountains in the Prokletijes. It is part of a ridge on the north side of Valbonatals, which forms the border between the countries and the catchment areas of Drin and the Danube. On the Albanian side of the place Valbona lies at the foot of the mountain. On Montenegrin side Gusinje is the next place to Plav. This is also the most important starting point for ascents.

The name of the mountain means bad Kolata. Another side peak is the Good Kolata ( Dobra Kolata respectively Kollata e mirë ), with 2528 m. i J. is the second highest peak in Montenegro, which is just over 100 meters to the northeast, and by a 2416 m. i J. high saddle is disconnected. The importance of Kolata is unclear; However, the occurrences of the name also means Kolac pile.

The Kollata is a highly karstified area. From the highest point leads a shallow ridge that slopes steeply, especially on the north side, to the northwest down to a saddle, where steep ascend the summit of Zla Kolata and Dobra Kolata. To the north of the summit of the Zla Kolata drops in rock walls. The burrs from peak to the north-west and north-east form the watershed and the border between the countries. The running after south-southwest ridge falls steeply into the later Valbona Valley. The summit region is to early summer each covered by snow.

Very often the mountain Bobotov Kuk ( 2522 m. J. i ) specified in the Durmitor the highest mountain in Montenegro. This is partly because he is completely within the territory of the country. Other explanations point to the important role of Durmitor in the Montenegrin culture.

In addition, various heights are specified for the Zla Kolata, the exact value seems to be not released. Is mostly a height of 2534 m for the Zla Kolata. i J. stated which they would tower over eleven meters the Bobotov Kuk. This height is painted on a rock on the summit. Albanian maps, however, recorded a height of only 2519 meters above sea level. A. In older Yugoslav literature from a height of 2530 m. i J. spoken without running, which Montenegrin summit with Maja Kolac exactly is meant. On a new map of the Montenegrin Prokletija even has a height of 2535 m. i J. stated. In a climbing report, however, claims that the amount of Zla Kolata had never been properly surveyed and own GPS measurements had shown a height of 2528 m. This is also listed occasionally in books. With one exception, however, all information is higher than the official value of the Statistical Office of Montenegro for the Bobotov Kuk.

In August 2012, two Czechs have come to the ascent of the Zla Kolata killed.