Zlámanec ( German Zlamanetz, 1939-1945 Slama network) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located 15 kilometers northeast of Uherské Hradiště and belongs to Okres Uherské Hradiště.


Zlámanec is located in the southwest of Vizovice mountain country. The village extends creek in the valley of the brook Zlámanecký creek at the mouth of Neradovský. North-east rises the Losky (377 m ) in the east of Doubí ( 429 m ) southeast of the Pasecky Kopec (377 m ), in the south of Kopec ( 341 m) and north-west the Hájiny (342 m).

Neighboring towns are Bohuslavice u Zlína in the north, Paseky and Doubravy in the northeast, Doubí in the east, Hrivinuv Újezd ​​Kaňovice, Paseky Velky Ořechov and Kelníky the southeast, Svárov in the south, Pec pod and Březolupy in the southwest and Lapac, Komarov and Šarovy in the northwest.


The first written mention of the village Zlamany Vgezd took place in 1373 as the property of Jeneč Janáč Újezd ​​. He was followed by Aleš Světlovský von Sternberg, who left the village for a debt to the Jews Hradischer Adam. He sold Zlamany Vgezd 1392 at Heralt of Kunštát. Subsequently, the owners changed frequently. While the Bohemian- Hungarian power struggles for the crown of Bohemia Zlamany Vgezd was burned 1468-1470 together with the village and festivities Svárov. 1604, the village was called Zlamany Augezd. In 1686 acquired Dominik Andreas I von Kaunitz the estate of the heirs of Apollonia Chorynští of Ledská and opened it his rule Uherský Brod. The Embarrassing jurisdiction exercised to 1748 from the Lowczowe prawo (Book Lauer hunting court ). Began in 1830 in Březolupy the construction of a new church, by the municipalities Šarovy, Zlamany Augezd and Svárov before their construction had been aimed at a more central place between the villages. 1846 place Zlamanetz or Zlamany Augezd was called. Until the mid-19th century Zlamanetz remained submissive after Uherský Brod.

After the abolition of patrimonial Zlamanetz formed in 1850 a municipality in the district team Uherský Brod. Since 1872, the present-day city name Zlámanec used. In 1950 the church was assigned to the Okres Uherské Hradiště.

Local structure

For the community Zlámanec no districts are reported. To Zlámanec heard the settlement Paseky.


  • Wooden cross, erected in 1874
  • Listed Chaluppe No. 37
  • Obstdarre from the 19th century
  • Historical Heuscheuer on the outskirts
  • Chapel