Znaur district

The Rajon Snaur ( Ossetian Знауыры район; Russian Знаурский район ), with an area of 404 km2 and about 9000 inhabitants of the smallest of the four Rajone within the administrative structure of the internationally recognized Republic of South Ossetia from four states. Its administrative seat and is named after the city Snaur. Head of the administration is Saur Zchowrebow. In the Georgian administrative structure, the area of Rajon Snaur belongs to the municipality of Kareli Inner Kartli region.


In a north-south direction, the Rajon expands to 26 km in west-east direction 24 km from. Near the villages Nagutni and Dsadina there are mineral springs.


Since the beginning of the conflict in South Ossetia, part of the Rajons was including the village Auneu under Georgian control. According to the Russian private agency REGNUM Rajon supposed to have been blocked as of March 2008 by the Georgian side, the Ossetian peasants to force them to accommodate the Georgian nationality .. As a result of the war in South Ossetia in August 2008, the entire district of South Ossetia is now controlled.


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