Znojmo Town Hall Tower

The town hall tower of Znojmo in the Czech Republic, is the most visible landmark of the city.


As in 1444, the old town hall, built in 1260 in Znojmo an der Thaya one was destroyed by fire, also collapsed, the then Town Hall Tower. When the Town Hall was then rebuilt on the front side of the main square, the new tower was built as a separate building in late Gothic style in the years 1445-1448. The architect was the master stonemason Niklas stainless Spitz.

Two carved in stone inscriptions provide information about the construction period.

" In the year of our Lord 1445 on Monday after Magdalena this work of the Master Niklaus, Steinmetz was started in precious Spitz. " The Monday after Magdalene is July 19, the second inscription proclaims the year of completion, 1448th

The tower stands on a rock, the foundation reaches up to three feet in depth. The masonry reaches a height of 68.8 meters. With the wooden spire with four smaller towers at the corners it reaches a total height of 79, 88 meters and was originally slated.

Multiple needed to be repaired the slate roof, until it was replaced in 1592 by a copper roof. On this occasion, the masonry was given a new plaster and painted white. In the course of this work and the tour was built.

The paint work on the city coat of arms held by lions at the four sides of the tower and the dial of the clock tower - when it was built is not known - were task of the painter Jan Jacob.

In a recent renovation, the clock tower was repaired and renewed the plaster. According to archives, the plaster ten baths of wine, and five buckets of beer were attached.

1833 had to be renewed, the copper roof. This work was awarded to the Dachdeckermeister Thomas Janouschek from Jihlava, who carried out this work without scaffolding. According to reports, he sat himself - again without a backup - the 27 kg heavy weather vane in its holder, after he had previously rotated in all four directions.

The wooden walk around the tower up in the air was replaced by a cast iron in 1854. The work was carried out by the carpenter Wallenda of Retz, the cast iron parts came from the iron works in Blansko.

The old clock tower - her age is unknown - was replaced by a new one in 1898. The order was awarded to chill in Vienna. After 25 years of service without any major problems, the movement was overhauled.

In 1959, the movement from Vienna was replaced by one of a Turmuhrfabrik in Vyškov, which is still in operation today.

By the year 1924, a watchman was salvaged. Previously he was on the lookout for enemies, later only after fires. To facilitate the alarm, even a telephone has been installed in the 19th century.

On 20 April 1945, the old town hall was destroyed and the tour damaged on the south side. Beginning of the 1950s the tower was refurbished. The free tour so far received a wood sheathing and the dome was renovated. In place of the town hall a department store was built.