ZO stands for:

  • ZO (protein) (Latin: zonula occludens ), a protein
  • Zurich Oberland, a regional newspaper

Zo stands for:

  • Dzo ( Tibetan མཛོ་ mdzo tso; Mongolian also Khainag ( хайнаг ) ), also called Zo transcribed, a cross between a yak and a cow house
  • Zo ( people ), residents of the Arakan Yoma mountain range

Zo is the surname of the following persons:

  • Henri Achille Zo (1873-1933), French - Basque painter and engraver
  • Jean Baptiste Achille Zo (1826-1901), French - Basque painter

Zo is the stage name of:

  • Mat Zo (* 1990), British DJ and music producer
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