Zoe Porphyrogenita

Zoe (Greek Ζωή, * 978, † June 1050 in Constantinople Opel ) was Byzantine Empress from April 21 to June 12, 1042 (along with her younger sister Theodora ) and daughter of Emperor Constantine VIII

Zoe was probably the princess, the Emperor Otto III. was promised. A marriage came, however, because of the early death of the Emperor concluded no more. After the death of his father in 1028 Zoe led the Macedonian royal dynasty by marrying the elder Senator Romanos III. Argyros continued, the tolerated their numerous affairs. In April 1034 she encouraged all probability their favorite Michael IV to drown the husband. She married the culprit and had him crowned emperor, but was not the happy marriage. Zoe was forced to adopt the same nephew of her husband, in 1041 the new emperor after the death of his uncle. Michael V. tried once, Zoe in a monastery to banish the Princes' Islands ( 18th/19th. April) what a popular uprising triggered by which he was deposed. Zoe was then shared with her sister Theodora III. intended for the Empress. After three months, coined by mutual distrust rule Zoe married Constantine IX. Monomachos, who then took over the government.