Zoltan Lunka

Zoltan Lunka ( May 22nd, 1970 in Miercurea Nirajului, Romania ) is a retired German boxer. He was born in Romania, but is of Hungarian origin. In 1995, he was an amateur world champion.


In his native Romania Lunka 1988 national champion and vice - champion of Europe juniors. In 1989 he moved to Germany to the boxing club Bavaria Landshut. After an interlude in Austria in 1992, he moved in 1993 to the SV Halle. There he was able to celebrate some victories. In the fall of 1995, Lunka had to undergo disc surgery in Schlierbach. During this time, contacts were established for Badische Association, which led to that Lunka in the spring of 1996, the KSV Schriesheim joined. He trained also for higher tasks in the Olympic Training Center in Heidelberg.

Lunka won the Chemistry Cup from 1993 to 1995 three times in a row. While he played the tournament in 1993 during the Austrian flag, he pushed since 1994 for Germany. In 1994 and 1995 he was German champion in the flyweight.

In 1995 he was an amateur world champion in Berlin, beating in the final the Kazakhs Bolat Schumadilow. In 1996 at the European Championships in Vejle, he managed a medal placement. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, he won the bronze medal, he was defeated there in the semifinals of the Kazakhs Schumadilow.


In 1996 moved Lunka in the professional camp. His further career was disappointing. In March 1997, he lost to the South African Charles Mailula on points. He won a total of 21 fights, of which thirteen fight against opponents with negative balance. On 24 March 2003, he boxed against Mexican Fernando Montiel for the WBO flyweight championship, losing by TKO in the seventh round and then finished his career.

After his active professional career Lunka moving in 2003 to the coaching staff of the Olympic base in Heidelberg. He still works closely with the KSV Schriesheim. Schriesheim gave him not only athletic safety, also helped him privately the environment in Schriesheim to more stability in their private lives, so that Lunka could prepare intensively for his part in the Olympics.


1996 Lunka was awarded the Silver Laurel Leaf for his sporting achievements by the then German President Roman Herzog.