Zólyom County

County Sohl ( German also Sohler County; Zólyom Vármegye Hungarian, Slovak Zvolenska stolica / župa, Zvolenský county, Latin comitatus Zoliensis ) is the name of a historic administrative unit ( county / county) of the Kingdom of Hungary. The area lies in today's Central Slovakia.

The large county was dominated by mining. With " Sohl " From today's perspective " Altsohl ", ie the town of Zvolen meant ( the neighboring town " Bystrica ", that is, Banská Bystrica was, a little later ).


County Sohl bordered on the northwest by the county Turz ( Turóc ), on the north by the county Liptau ( Liptó ), in the north- east by the county Gemer and small Hont ( Gömör és Kis- Hont ), to the southeast by the county Neograd ( Nógrád ) to the south by the county of Hont and to the west by the county bars. The area of the county stretched along the middle part of the river Gran, between Krupina (not in the county) and Brezno (for county belonging ) and in 1910 had 133 653 inhabitants in an area of 2634 km ².

Management seats

The administrative center of the county was originally called Pustý hrad ( " desert castle ", now in ruins near Zvolen ), from the late 15th century then the Zvolen Castle and about 1760 the town of Banská Bystrica.


County Sohl emerged in the 12th century, when the majority of the area was conquered by the Kingdom of Hungary, from a very large royal estate, the Sohler Dominium. Originally belonged to this area, inter alia, the counties Arwa, Turz and Liptau, they were only founded in the early 14th century.

1918 the area was part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia, which was confirmed in international law by the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. There was as Zvolenska župa to 1928, albeit at the area in 1923 has been significantly expanded ( to about the area of ​​today's Banskobystrický kraj ).

While the independence of Slovakia in the years 1939-1945, 1940, the Esztergom County (Slovak Pohronská župa ), which had approximately the borders of the former county was created, and as the capital of Banská Bystrica was established.

After the restoration of Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, the region was in 1949 banded together with the remaining in Slovakia parts of Hont and Gemer to Banská Bystrica Region Association ( Banskobystrický kraj ). After the recent dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the area was part of Slovakia.

The area of the county was administratively incorporated chronologically as follows:

County subdivision

The county was in the early 20th century from the following districts chair (after the name of the administrative headquarters named):