Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is a software application that was developed by the Czech company Zoner Software. This bitmap image editing and management program in the Czech Republic is one of the most common programs for editing digital photos and is commonly used worldwide. This software is currently only available for Windows operating systems.

  • 2.1 Import image from the camera and other devices
  • 2.2 sidebar
  • 2.3 Automatic backups
  • 2.4 synchronization
  • 2.5 Tilt Shift
  • 2.6 Improved Zonerama Support


In 1993 Zoner Software was founded by a small group of photography enthusiasts. The software was originally released under the name Zoner Media Explorer. In 2004 there was the name change to Zoner Photo Studio, as the main focus from this point on focused on digital photography. Every year a new version of the software is released.

Important changes in previous versions

In version 12 Zoner Photo Studio presented the separation of the program into the different "modules" Manager, Viewer, Editor and RAW module to enable effective, simultaneous work in image management and editing. This version also the anthracite surface was introduced, which allows the user to work without fatigue. With version 13, support for dual monitors was, as well as a 64 -bit version for Windows introduced. In version 14, the developers presented the online gallery Zonerama ago along with the GPU acceleration through CUDA and OpenCL.

Photo Studio 16

Zoner Photo Studio 16 was released on 1 November 2013, a large number of changes:

Image import from the camera and other devices

The methods for importing images from various devices, typically cameras have been completely revised.


With version 16, the sidebar was introduced in the editor; Here the user can now quickly access various functions that were previously housed in different menus. In addition, the sidebar contains two new features: the quick edits ( faster access to basic image processing steps ) and the quick filter ( transform with one click the complete look of an image, for example, in a Polaroid or Lomo photo). The sidebar also offers a preview in real time.

Automatic backups

Version 16 creates an automatic backup of the original version of a photo once it has been processed. This prevents overwriting the original file is prevented. This feature is optional and enabled by default.


This tool synchronize photo libraries in two different locations, the user can select.

Tilt Shift

This effect ( freely configurable) draws the background of a photo -soft, so that the main motives appear as miniatures.

Improved Zonerama Support

Zonerama is the online gallery of Zoner Software. Zoner Photo Studio 16 integrated this service even better than previous versions. The user can now configure directly from the program 's online photo albums. In addition, offers Zonerama now a live preview of where any changes made to an image in Zoner Photo Studio taken directly to the online gallery.

Image Management

The built- in Program Manager Module is optimized for image management. The focus lies in the support (including viewing, editing and filtering ) of metadata, primarily in the Exif format, including image information such as title, author, description, keywords, audio commentaries, digital signatures, and GPS data. Zoner Photo Studio is a disk-based manager, ie the images are processed directly in the file system - it will not create its own database system.

Image processing

The editor module is designed for retouching individual photos. A permanent layer function is not supported because a proprietary format for storing planes missing and the standard photo formats do not support levels. However, the program provides some limited level functions, such as for creating a selection.

RAW development

With the integrated RAW module RAW files are converted to a bitmap format. It supports RAW formats of a wide range of digital cameras.