Zorge (river)

The Zorge in Nordhausen

Confluence of Sprakelbach (left) and Wolf creek (right) for Zorge

The Zorge is a 40 km long tributary of the helmets in Lower Saxony and Thuringia ( Germany ). In many sources Zorge is translated with wild river.


The river arises in the Lower Saxony district of Osterode am Harz in Zorge in resin by the confluence of the Wolf creek and Sprakelbach in the middle of the upper part thereof to approximately 352 m above sea level. NN. It runs from Zorge in a southerly direction and flows through the cities Ellrich and Nordhausen, which lie in the Thuringian district of Nordhausen. Northeast of herring leads the Zorge to 158.8 m above sea level. NN in the Unstrut inflow helmets.

The headwaters of Zorge drain, among other rivers, such as the Wieda, one of the wettest areas in the resin. The helmets of the water supplied quantities were among the reasons for the construction of the dam Kelbra.


  • Wolf creek (left source Bach)
  • Sprakelbach (right source Bach)
  • Steiger water ( right)
  • Elsbach (left)
  • Dörenbach (right)
  • Illigesbach (right)
  • Rosenbach (left)
  • Aspic (left)
  • Ellerbach (left)
  • Wieda (right)
  • Bere (left)
  • Kappelbach (left)
  • Orbach (left)
  • Gumpebach (left)
  • Roßmannsbach (left)
  • Leimbach (left)
  • Krummbach (left)