Zrazy are a traditional dish in Polish cuisine, whose origins lie in the hunting and noble culture of the country. It is known in many variants.

For the preparation of Zrazy you take beef slices and wrapped with this a filling to then fry the finished roll and braise. Insofar Zrazy are comparable to the beef roulade of German cuisine. However, they can also consist of rolled minced meat or a combination of beef slices and minced meat. Meat from the beef topside ( zrazowa ) or beef ( Polędwica ) is often used as buns, mustard, pickles, mushrooms, rice, liver, bacon and spices can be among the ingredients for the filling for the mixture. Depending on the filling distinguishes different types of Zrazy.

The cuisines of the neighboring countries of Poland know Zrazy, especially the kitchens of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. In past centuries Zrazy were referred to as Suropieki; the old Polish expression " zrazy " originally meant " knocked slices of meat ."