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Zschadraß is a district of the town of Colditz in the south of the district of Leipzig in Saxony. Zschadraß was until 31 December 2010, an administrative community free community with community based in home village.

Geography and transport

The former municipality is located northeast of the town of Colditz (2 km) at the confluence of the Freiberger Mulde and Mulde in the middle of the Saxon Castle and Heathland country. Through the south of the former municipality is the B 176 runs

Local structure

The municipality included the districts:

  • Bockwitz
  • Commichau
  • Collmen
  • Erlbach
  • Erlln
  • Hausdorf
  • Kaltenborn
  • Koltzschen
  • Maaschwitz
  • Meuselwitz
  • Podelwitz
  • Raschütz
  • Skoplau
  • Tanndorf
  • Terpitzsch
  • Zollwitz
  • Zschadraß
  • Zschirla


Zschadraß the main town is mentioned in 1294, was first documented as Zcadroz. Several districts are older and were first documented in 1215. Zschadraß long time belonged to the town of Colditz. On 1 January 1995 the municipalities Hausdorf, Erlbach and Zschadraß united the greater community. On January 1, 1996, joined the community Tanndorf. Today, 18 villages are members of the greater community.

Here Friedrich August Hermann Voppel, as then recognized psychiatrist and also the director of the State Employees Retirement Fund ( asylum ) to Colditz Castle in 1868 in Zschadraß founded a agricole outdoor colony. Even after the church was closely acquainted with his clinic of psychiatry and neurology. During the Nazi era, the then State Institute Zschadraß served as interim Institute for the euthanasia program of the Nazis. More than 3400 patients were laid between June 1940 and September 1941 in the killing centers Pirna Sunstone and Brandenburg and murdered there. Until 1998 Zschadraß housed a world-renowned lung clinic that moved to Chemnitz in 1999. After the hospital was taken over by Diakoniewerk.

Germany-wide known Zschadraß was the impostor Gert Postel, who was employed from 1995 to 1997 in the local psychiatric hospital as a senior physician.

On 1 January 1995 the municipalities Erlbach and Hausdorf were incorporated.

On 1 January 2011 the municipality Zschadraß and the town of Colditz were grouped together with four former districts of the city Großbothener Colditz.

Population Development

Development of the population of the municipality Zschadraß (from 2000 December 31, data source: Statistical Office of Saxony):

Born October 3,

Specialized Hospital

The Hospital for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology with the Diakoniewerk Zschadraß profit company as a carrier has 110 beds for psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as 30 beds for neurology. In addition, 15 per day hospital places in Rochlitz, Grimsby and Borna be kept.


  • Water Castle Podelwitz
  • Church Collmen
  • Church Erlbach
  • Old mountain barn Podelwitz
  • Heimatturm Terpitzsch
  • Water Tower Zschadraß
  • Zschirlaer Tiergartentor
  • Church Zschirla
  • Dental Museum

Partner community

With Stöttwang in Bavaria is a partnership.