The creek Zschampert is a left-side tributary of the White Elster. It flows through the district of Leipzig Miltitz and now gets its water mainly from the Kulkwitzer lake because its headwaters between Seebenisch and Knautnaundorf has dried.

From Miltitz from the Zschampert flows past Lindennaundorf and Rückmarsdorf and forms over long distances the city boundary between Leipzig and Leipzig and Markranstadt or Schkeuditz. Between Rückmarsdorf and Burghausen he crosses a 100 m long tunnel seven meters below the water surface of the channel the Elster -Saale- channel and flows in Domholz ( Leipzig floodplain forest ) in the old puddle.

Prior to straightening and shortening the Zschampert still flowed to the west, parallel to the billet and resulted in Kleinliebenau in the same. His remaining oxbow lake is now mostly dried up, as well as often the Zschampert even during the summer months.

The west flowing from Kleinliebenau Augraben is also a former branch of the Zschampert. He is today still referred to as Zschampert. The common name Augraben is detected since 1940. The Augraben is now fed by the drainage ditches west of the new Zschampert and flows Dölkau, a district of Leuna near Zweimen in the billet.

Until the 1990s, the Zschampert possible especially in Miltitz more like a sewer than a river. The main causes were effluents from a chemical plant and the nearby residential areas.


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