Zsira ( Tening German, Croatian rarely Zira ) is a municipality in the western Hungarian region of Western Transdanubia in Győr- Moson -Sopron in Hungary. It is located near the border with Austria at the Rabnitz, a road connecting the village to the west in the Austrian town of Lutzmannsburg.


The place was first mentioned in 1225 as Syra, the eingemeindeten villages Salamonfa 1412 and Gyüleviz 1466th Until 1848 Zsira was owned by the bishops of Raab and was part of the county of Sopron in the Kingdom of Hungary. After the end of the 1st World War, the village should be connected to the Austrian Burgenland, however, there was an exchange of territory and such Zsira 1922 was a part of Hungary. 1931, the present-day municipality was established by the incorporation of formerly independent villages in eastern subsequent Gyüleviz and Salamonfa.


  • Rimanóczy - baroque castle
  • Church of Saint Joseph in Salomonfa
  • Church of Saint Laurence