Zsófia Kovács

Zsófia Kovács ( born February 7, 1988 in Gyöngyös ) is a Hungarian triathlete, U23 World silver medalist in 2011, winner of the Hungarian Cup in 2010 ( triathlon Rank Lista ) and member of the national team.

Zsófia Kovács lives in Mátrafüred and visited the Berze Nagy János Gimnázium in Gyöngyös. Already as a student, she was selected multiple times Good athlete for the national sports development program Good student.

In Hungary Kovács won the 2009 Cup Series triathlon tour, after it had been in 2008, Fifth and beaten by Zsófia Tóth. Kovács occurs for the triathlon club of their hometown, the Gyöngyösi triathlon És Szi club ( Gyötri ) on.

ITU competitions

In the seven years from 2004 to 2010 Kovács took part in 35 ITU competitions and achieved 14 top ten finishes. The following list is based on the official ITU rankings and the Athlete 's Profile Page. Where not specifically stated, it is triathlons and the elite category.

DNF = did not finish · BG = the sponsor British Gas