ZTE Blade


3.5 mm jack, microUSB

ZTE Blade, also known as Orange San Francisco, is the name of a smartphone with Android operating system of the Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE technique. By the end of 2011, more than 8 million units were sold, making it the second - most successful smartphone from ZTE on the model of " Skate ".


The instrument was developed on behalf of the French mobile phone operator Orange and available in the UK from autumn 2010 as a prepaid cell phone for 99 pounds sterling. The ZTE Blade was originally shipped with the Android operating system 2.1, which was extended from Orange to own design and applications. Meanwhile, the ZTE Blade is available in other countries. Due to the low availability of OLED displays, these have been replaced by an LC display from the beginning of 2011. Deviations is also available in the housing condition and the camera resolution on models of various mobile operators.

The ZTE Blade has. In all versions of 512 MB ​​ROM and 512 MB ​​RAM The memory space of the ROM is divided into two partitions, each with 256 MB. The first contains the Android operating system, the second partition is used for installing applications (apps). Due to an already factory-installed application programs is available for individual installation of apps only about 164 MB. The installation of apps on the SD card ( Apps2SD ) is not supported with the version installed with Android 2.1.


Under the name of Base Lutea the German mobile operator E-Plus offers a modified version of the ZTE Blade on the German market. It features different from the original stock does not have a high quality OLED display, but on a standard LCD display with lower color depth ( High Color). The camera is 5 megapixels with higher resolved than the original blade with 3.2 megapixels.

ZTE Blade (1st generation) and Base Lutea compared

The comparison refers to the first generation of the ZTE Blade. Orange has now switched to conventional LCDs.

Country-specific models

In other countries, the ZTE Blade is offered in part under a different name and with different equipment

  • China: ZTE V880 (Android 2.2 )
  • Germany: BASE Lutea
  • Finland: ZTE Blade
  • France: Tactile Internet 2, SFR Startrail
  • Greece: ZTE Blade
  • India: Dell XCD35
  • Japan: Libero SoftBank 003Z (Android 2.2 )
  • Lithuania: ZTE Blade (Android 2.2 )
  • Austria: ZTE Blade, Orange San Francisco
  • Poland: Orange San Francisco
  • Portugal: Sapo a5, Optimus San Francisco
  • Spain: Orange San Francisco
  • Sweden: ZTE Blade
  • Switzerland: ZTE San Francisco, Orange San Francisco
  • Taiwan: Vibo A699
  • Hungary: ZTE Blade