View from the south

Zumikon is a municipality in the district miles of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

Coat of arms


The coat of arms was first mentioned in 1740 in an armorial. The bowl as crest contents were probably taken from the coat of arms of the church in the neighboring Zollikon, both communities belonged to the sphere of influence of the Zurich Grossmünster. The key in both cases refer to the insignia of the Apostle Peter. In the case of Zumiker municipality coat of arms of the input over its companions Apollinaris of Ravenna should be given to the chapel that existed before 1730 instead of today's Reformed Church, was consecrated vorreformatorisch.


The municipality is located on the western edge of the panhandle, about 200 meters altitude above the right bank of Lake Zurich.

  • Area: 544 ha, of which 31.8 % settlements, agriculture 32% and 28.7 % forest.

Neighboring communities Zumikons are Küsnacht, Zollikon and Maur.


  • Proportion of foreign nationals: 16.0 %.


The council is composed of one non-Party, FDP 3, and 2 SVP, 1 GLP Mayor Hermann Zangger (SVP of 2012).

Share of the vote of the House of Representatives election 2003: FDP 39.2 %, SVP 30.5 %, SP 14.3 %, GP 6.1 %, CVP 5.1 %, 1.9 % EPP


  • Floor Price: 1'183 CHF / m ( after sales )
  • Labor force participation rate: 52.4 % Unemployment Rate: 1.6 %


  • Max Daetwyler, apostle of peace
  • Hugo Imfeld (1916-1993), Swiss sculptor, relief artist, printmaker and draftsman. Here died.
  • Udo Jürgens, singer and composer
  • Elisabeth Kopp, first Federal Councillor of Switzerland, wife of Hans W. Kopp
  • Hans W. Kopp, lawyer and media expert, husband of Elisabeth Kopp
  • Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Opera Singer