Sweno (also written Zveno, Bulgarian Звено, dt chain link ) was founded in 1927, political organization in Bulgaria.

Sweno originated from members of the so-called Military League, in a military coup, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Aleksandar Stambolijski crashed in 1923. The members of Sweno advocated from a corporate state and rejected political parties, particularly the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.

On May 19, 1934 coup officers, members of Sweno were led by Damjan Velchev and Kimon Georgiev. Georgiev became prime minister, his government dissolved all political parties and trade unions and introduced a corporative state organization resembling that of fascist Italy. The Bulgarian King Boris III. Georgiev the government fell on 22 January 1935, and appointed Pentscho Slatew prime minister.

1943 Sweno joined the Patriotic Front to which seized power on September 9. Georgiev was a second time Prime Minister and concluded a truce with the Soviet Union from. In November 1946, he was replaced by Georgi Dimitrov. Sweno existed first as a member of the Patriotic Front on and broke up in 1949.