Sister joke (Polish Zwiastowice ) is a town in Upper Silesia. Sister Witz is located in the municipality Oberglogau ( Głogówek ) in Prudnicki powiat (district Neustadt OS) in the Polish Opole Voivodeship.

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Geographical Location

Sister joke is located eight kilometers east of the parish seat Oberglogau, 28 kilometers east of the county town of Prudnik ( Neustadt OS) and 37 kilometers south of the Opole voivodship ( Opole ).

West of sister wit flows the brook Straduna, a tributary of the Oder.

Neighboring towns

Neighboring towns of Sister joke in the West Friedersdorf ( Biedrzychowice ), in the northwest Rosnochau ( Rozkochów ), in the northeast Twardawa, in the south the good sister wit and Trawniki ( Trawnig ).


The village was mentioned in the September 8, 1223 for the first time in a written document in Leubus as " Zuestoua ". In this document, Lawrence, Bishop of Breslau certain, at the request of the Abbot of Günther Leubus the parish of St. Mary's Church to Casimir, the sister joke has been assigned. 1571 was followed by a documentary mention as " sister joke". By 1810, the year of secularization by Prussia in Silesia, sister joke was owned by the Cistercians. 1818 was one sister wit a Vorwerk, twelve farmers, 19 gardeners, four cottagers and a water mill. 1830 put Graf von Harrach to Rosnochau, the owner of the domain sister joke was a new Vorwerk, which received the name of Oberhof. 1838 a Catholic school was built. 1865 was one of the place twelve farmers, 21 gardeners and cottagers ten. At this time, the Catholic school had 59 students.

In the plebiscite in Upper Silesia on March 20, 1921 219 voters voted to remain in Germany and 62 for the membership of Poland. Sister wit remained with the German Reich. 1933 lived 452 inhabitants in the village. 1939, the place had 449 inhabitants. By 1945, the place was in the district of Neustadt OS

In 1945 the previously German place under Polish administration, was renamed Zwiastowice and joined the Silesian Voivodeship. In 1950, the city came to Opole Voivodeship, since 1999 he is part of the re-established powiat Prudnicki. On 22 April 2009 the German sister joke was in the community Oberglogau, plays, introduced as a second official language. On 1 December 2009, the City also received the official German place names sister joke.

Sights and Monuments

  • Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in 1853 with a Baroque altar
  • Wayside chapel, dating from 1857
  • Monument to the Fallen of 1929
  • Roadside crosses
  • Domain building from 1829



  • Paul Franz Grzimek (1859-1912), German lawyer and notary, Judicial Council to Neisse, father of Bernhard Grzimek


The zoologist Bernhard Grzimek from Neisse spent, as he himself wrote in the book came to the man, in his childhood holidays with his siblings often on the Neisse located 50 km east of Good sister joke. This was owned by his family and was transformed into a country residence and a special place for him and his five siblings. The family was more than 200 years a resident on the estate. After a Zoodirektorenkonferenz in Prague in 1971 Bernhard Grzimek visited with his future wife Erika Grzimek sister joke and looked for the graves of his parents and ancestors at the cemetery in Twardawa on.