Zygaena carniolica

Copula of Esparsetten - Widderchens ( Zygaena carniolica )

The Esparsetten burnet or Krainer Burnet ( Zygaena carniolica ) is a butterfly (moth ) from the family of burnet ( Zygaenidae ). Both the larvae and the adult animals are poisonous and document this for predators with the help of their eye-catching warning coloration. The species was chosen in Germany and Austria for " Insect of the Year 2008".

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The Esparsetten Burnet is because of its characteristic drawing on the front wings - the red spots on a black background are bright edged - to distinguish "blood droplets " said Burnet species usually quite distinct from other popularly in Central Europe. However, the bright outlines can fail sometimes weak or missing and the color intensity of red spots can vary.

Similar Species

  • Zygaena algira Boisduval, 1834 (North Africa)
  • Zygaena maroccana Rothschild, 1917 ( Morocco, other North Africa)
  • Zygaena occitanica ( de Villers, 1789) ( Southern France, Italy)
  • Zygaena orana Duponchel, 1835 (North Africa)
  • Zygaena youngi Rothschild, 1926 (North Africa)

Way of life

It makes a generation whose flight time ranges depending on the altitude from June to late August. The butterflies are sluggish fliers; is often found to be more gathered on a flower.

Worth mentioning is the formation of so-called evening " parking stations " where to spend the moths to several, snuggled close together that night. In this case, either male or female animals gather on certain flowers or withered stalks, although like flowers or stalks remain unfilled in the immediate vicinity. The trigger for this effect has been explored yet in detail. The Gender invention works fine in Zygaena carniolica; often occurs immediately after hatching the female - even before the wings are fully deployed or substantiated - for copula. It takes place in the immediate vicinity of Schlup Fortes in this case. Mehrfachbegattungen are common.

Among the food plants of the caterpillars include sainfoin ( Onobrychis viciifolia ) and birdsfoot trefoil ( Lotus corniculatus ).


The distribution area of Esparsetten - Widderchens ranges from southern France, Sicily, the Balkans, Asia Minor to the Iranian Elbrusgebirge. The species is also common on the Adriatic, Ionian and some Aegean islands. In the north the Esparsetten burnet to Belarus, northern Germany and Pomerania is located.


The subspecies occurring in Europe are:

  • Zygaena carniolica albarracina Staudinger, 1887
  • Zygaena carniolica amistosa Aistleitner & Lencina
  • Zygaena carniolica apennina Turati, 1884
  • Zygaena carniolica berolinensis Lederer, 1853
  • Zygaena carniolica carniolica ( Scopoli, 1763)
  • Zygaena carniolica cruenta ( Pallas, 1773)
  • Zygaena carniolica descimonti Lucas, 1959
  • Zygaena carniolica diniensis Herrich -Schäffer, 1852
  • Zygaena carniolica flaveola ( Esper 1786)
  • Zygaena carniolica graeca Staudinger, 1870
  • Zygaena carniolica Hedysari ( Hübner, 1796)
  • Zygaena carniolica magdalenae Abeille, 1909
  • Zygaena carniolica modesta Burgeff, 1914
  • Zygaena carniolica moraulti Holik, 1938
  • Zygaena carniolica rhaeticola Burgeff, 1926
  • Zygaena carniolica roccii Verity, 1920
  • Zygaena carniolica virginea (Müller, 1766 )
  • Zygaena carniolica wiedemannii Ménétries, 1839