? Żywocice / i ( German Zywodczütz, 1934-1945: Or meadow) is a village in the municipality Krapkowice ( German Krappitz ) in the Opole Voivodship, Poland.


Żywocice lies immediately south of the city on the right bank of the Krapkowice Osobłoga ( Hotzenplotz ), which opens at Krapkowice in the Oder. At Żywocice the country roads run 45 ( droga Krajowa 45) and the Province Road 416, leading from Krapkowice from the southwest (towards Głogówek ) or southeast ( direction Kędzierzyn -Koźle ) direction.


The name Zywodczütz probably goes back to a persons name. So the name Sibotho or John Sibochic come in Czarnowanzer deed before 1228. By 1300, the very similar name Ziboczicz found in Lib fund where Ziboczicz utroque. ( Utroque: lat both) is called. Since there is only one place Zywodczütz, it is likely that the utroque refers to the division of the tithe, of which the one half to the bishop and the other half was coming to the monastery Leubus. There also exists another derivation of the place name referring to the location of the village above the meadows behind the water ( za wodzie ) applies, but is doubtful. Other name variants: Zywotitz ( 1483 ), Zibetitz ( 1534) and Ziwowitz ( 1574 ).

In the Thirty Years' War, the Swedish army on the march moved from Mecklenburg to Olomouc by Zywodczütz. On this march the Swedes should have created a road that was in 1940 well determined.

From 1816 to 1945 Zywodczütz belonged to the district of Opole and was incorporated into the District Castle Krappitz since January 1, 1874.

In 1845 the village had 408 inhabitants, of whom 18 were Protestant denomination. There were 43 homes, 3 country estates and a water mill.

With the settlement of the paper industry in Krappitz to the turn of the century ( railway connections: 1896 founding paper mill: 1901, founding soda pulp mills: 1906) also put in a Zywodczütz population growth. The first store, a bakery and grocery store, was opened in 1912. This was followed by general merchandise stores, butcher stores, taverns, construction work, cement pipe works and other craft enterprises such as carpentry, tailors, shoemakers, Tüchner and others. In addition, there were a volunteer fire department and a Red Cross station. A savings and loan association was founded in 1915 and a Elektrizitätsgenossenschaft 1919.

Even before the 1936 prescribed by the then rulers renaming Slavic -sounding place names Zywodczütz received already in 1934 the new place name " or meadow '. In support of the request was led by former town mayor that the audition in the Opole District Office no longer the alphabetical far back order Z, Y, W must be awaited.

As a result of the Second World War, Or meadow was that the Oder-Neisse line lies to the east, following the decisions of the Potsdam Agreement of 2 August 1945 as " Żywocice " part of Poland.


Zywodczütz canonically belonged for centuries to the parish Krappitz. Since the construction of the Catholic St. Florian 's Church in 1985 Żywocice forms its own parish, where the towns Pietna and Ligota Krapkowicka belong ( German Vorwerk Oberwiese ).