'Abd al-Ilah

Crown Prince Abd ul- Ilah of Iraq (* 1913, † July 14, 1958, Arabic عبد الإله, DMG ʿ Abdu l - ilah ) was a cousin and brother in law of King Ghazi I of the Kingdom of Iraq. He was the son of Hussein ibn Ali's eldest son, Ali ibn Hussein and brother of Ghazi with marry Princess Aliya, which made him the uncle of the Iraqi King Faisal II.

From April 4, 1939 Abdul - Ilah Faisal II served until his majority in May 1953 as Regent. From 1943 to 1958 he was Crown Prince of Iraq.

During the Second World War, Abdul - Ilah was briefly deposed in 1941 by former Prime Minister Rashid Ali al - Gailani. Rashid Ali led by a pro-German coup against the pro-British government Abdul Ilah 's. After he fled the country, he was replaced by Sherif Sharaf. The toppled Regent spent his time with the former Prime Minister Nuri as- Said as a refugee in Amman. Abdul - Ilah was a guest of Prince Abdallah ibn Husain I, the future ruler of Jordan. On 2 June 1941, Rashid Ali al - Gailani was overthrown and fled to Iran, Abdul - Ilah returned to Baghdad and was restored as regent.

During the military coup of Abd ul- Ilah was killed on 14 July 1958 along with the majority of the royal family. The coup led by Colonel Abd al - Karim Qasim and Abd al- Sallam Arif led to the end of the Iraqi monarchy.


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