16-bit is an attribute which is used in many ways in the field of computer technology. It is there, the demarcation of similar techniques with other bit number, usually half or twice the number of bits (in this case 8- bit and 32- bit). Without further context, it refers mostly to the alignment on a 16 -bit architecture (16 -bit operating system, 16 -bit PC ).

16-bit address width was the logical end of the 1980s until the early 1990s, after the more powerful PC systems had replaced the early home computer, which still were based on an 8 - bit architecture.

In computer technology one finds the 16- bit attribute frequently for:

It being understood that not every system with 16-bit wide data paths and 16 -bit wide address path has. Using segmentation and addressing of memory banks, a larger address space can be managed. Here, the byte address and the segment address is sent to the memory, for example first. Depending on the model, a processor can thus 2 to the power 32 ( 4,294,967,296 ) Manage addresses.