(16445) Klimt

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( 16445 ) Klimt is one of the major outer asteroid belt, which by the Belgian astronomer Eric Walter Elst at the La Silla Observatory of the European Southern Observatory in Chile ( IAU code 809) was discovered on April 3, 1989.

Mean distance from the sun ( semimajor axis), eccentricity and inclination of the orbital plane of the asteroid similar to the path data of the members of the Theobalda family, a large group of asteroids named after ( 778 ) Theobalda and is less than ten million years old. After FORMING classification (Small Main -Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey) were assumed in ( 16445 ) Klimt of a dark surface with a spectroscopic investigation of Gianluca Masi, Sergio Foglia and Richard P. Binzel, it might be so, roughly speaking, to act a C- asteroids.

( 16445 ) Klimt was named on 6 January 2007 after the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who was one of the most famous representatives of Viennese Art Nouveau.