2 Eivissa

2 Eivissa was a Euro dance project that was in the 1990s by the Hamburg Team 33, consisting of Ambrogio Crotti (* Amadeus Crotti ) and Luigi Ricco (* Luis Rodríguez- Salazar ), initiated. In changing female occupations of the Act was active as a duo. The biggest hit is the 1997 single Oh La La La.


2 Eivissa was founded in the mid-1990s. Written and produced most of the songs were by Ambrogio Crotti, Luigi Ricco and David Lacera. For the vocals on the first album were the American woman Terri Bjerre, who already worked with Udo Lindenberg and collaborated on remixes by MC Lyte and Busta Rhymes, and Melannie Molinnus be won. In mid-1999 Molinnus was replaced by yobel, as Lian Ross had a hit with fantasy in 1985. The work of the singers was limited to the studio sessions, live shows came to 2000 two girl named Jane and Francine used.

First had 2 Eivissa success in the clubs of Ibiza, then they conquered the Spanish charts, the charts all over Europe. 1997 to 1999 were the most successful years of the Act. 1997 Oh La La La -placed in the Top 20 in the United Kingdom and the German Top 50, the 1999 single I Wanna Be Your Toy was nevertheless still a top 100 hit in Germany. 2005, the project was terminated. Team 33 used 2007 samples of the hits Oh La La La for the track Hot Summer Night by David Tavare. In 2009 they had a remix of it.


  • Terri Bjerre (Washington DC, USA) - vocals (until mid 1999)
  • Melannie Molinnus - vocals ( on the first album )
  • Yobel aka Lian Ross ( * Josephine Hiebel ) - Vocals (from mid-1999 for Bjerre )
  • Jane and Francine (aka 2 Blond Bandits ) - ( to 2000 during live performances )