Discogs (English discographies, Discographies ') is a free, built up of members online database for Discographies of musicians and record labels. With an Alexa Rank of 1757 (October 2011), it is one of the most visited websites in the world.

Structure and Scope

Discogs was founded in October 2000 by Kevin Lewandowski. Initially wanted to manage their own record collection on its website, which soon caught on and quickly developed into an ambitious project Lewandowski. A comprehensive overview of the genre of electronic music was born.

Due to the tremendous user growth, the decision was soon to extend the database to other genres (such as hip-hop as of January 2004). Was the database initially limited to classic recordings such as records, CDs and tapes, it was later extended to digital publishing ( MP3, WAV, ogg vorbis, etc.) and other sound recordings, such as USB sticks. The same applies to Linked credits ( producer, lyricist, composer, etc.) which can also be entered for non-musical activities such as design, management and film production now.


Discogs members of the community can manage their private music collection in a "Collection" (Collection) and " Want List" ( wish list ). If a user has a publication that is not already in the database, it can add itself to certain formatting rules. All entries and changes are implemented directly in the database. Only then the entries and changes in a review process of voting users are ( years earlier it was only voluntary, selected moderators) checked and then either accepted, rejected with reasons or marked as needing improvement. Double entries can be combined to form an entry ( "merging ").

Discogs next official forums even those that were created by users and are not limited only to the subject or music Discogs Furthermore exist.

Since the end of 2005 can be in the Market Place ( Marktplatz) Recorded music - not digital - buy and sell. Discogs occurs here not as a Dealer, but only as an intermediary. In cooperation with Junodownloads Discogs sold himself exclusively digital releases in MP3 and WAV format.


In the database are as of December 16, 2013 4,484,092 phonograms, 3,130,617 artists and other stakeholders as well as record label 546 164 (for comparison: On May 6, 2007, there were 740 281 recordings, 610 607 65 771 artists and record label ). In the following genres recordings are divided: Blues, Brass & Military, Children's, Classical, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country ', Funk / Soul', Hip- Hop, Jazz, Latin, Non -Music, Pop, Reggae, rock Stage & Screen.

Since August 2007, the contents of the database can also be retrieved in XML format. In addition, the database contents are now published monthly copies. The sets are available under CC0 available and can be obtained via an API.